My changing home … part 1

Our homes go through so many changes over time. Maybe the arrival of kids means toys, toys, toys everywhere (and the inevitable ‘storage solutions’); or perhaps you’ve had a new kitchen fitted and want to update you style.

My own house goes through changes simply because I love experimenting. Rarely a week goes by when I’ve not got a pot of paint in hand and am wandering room to room planning what I’ll do next.

Whether it’s to distress a shelf, update your units or create a feature wall, you can make easy changes to any room in your home, and it often only takes a couple of hours.

Here’s one of my rooms that I can never resist giving a facelift … my kitchen. Over the last year I’ve painted the base units blue, green, red, teal  and back to blue again. I love all five looks and there’s no telling what I’ll try next. I don’t opt for expensive chalk paints (I don’t find the range of colours that impressive) and instead use good ol’ emulsion. I often mix leftover colours together to achieve a desired shade.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. After all, what’s the worse that can happen. You can just paint over it again!

11 thoughts on “My changing home … part 1

  1. hillhousediariesblog says:

    Lisa – I am always left in awe at your confidence in choosing bold and beautiful colours for your kitchen – and you always get it right. I am one of those boring people who mulls over every shade, and then takes the plunge after at least two years of deliberation…after all that it’s usually a chalky, muted take on the bold colour i really wanted anyway!! xxxx

  2. Quita says:

    It’s fabulous…… What is the process for using chalk paint over enameled gloss cabinets. I want to do it very fast…. Thanks Quita

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