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Throughout my home there is one thing you can’t fail to notice … my use of florals. Big and bold or small and ditsy, I use gloriously colourful blooms to tie each room together.

Every space in my home is filled with flower paintings, patchwork throws, barkcloth cushions or feature wallpaper that burst with an array of roses, hydrangeas, primulas and pansies. Some date back as far as the Victorian era, but there’s a few sneaky Cath Kidston favourites in there too.

For me, flowers bring a real beauty to a home, adding instant bursts of colour and interest. It doesn’t matter how grey and dank it is outside, inside it’s always summer! I like to mix different shapes, patterns and textures – just think how wonderful a traditional cottage garden looks, filled with a mix of delphiniums, foxgloves, hollyhocks and lupins.

To get the look in your own home, start by grouping similar items together – a selection of Vernon Ward prints or a collection of different sized jugs , for example – that create a real floral focal point. Then layer different textures and patterns using cushions and throws. One of my favourite piece in my home is probably my giant 1930s rug that completely fills my lounge. It was the perfect finishing touch to a room that was already blooming!

To be honest, I don’t worry if all my floral pieces are the same style, time period or colour; I figure that if I love them all, they’ll somehow go with each other. It’s very much a feminine home, without, I hope, being too girly.


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